At Afaq language center we pride ourselves on the excellence of our teaching staff. Our teachers work in a dynamic environment, surrounded by people who care for their betterment. Working for Afaq is a demanding but fun. Challenging yet rewarding experience. We are always looking for new staff members who feel they are up for the challenge and want to experience something a little different. Why work for us?
Many of our staff have been with us for so long and recommend us to their teacher friends they all tell us that they became a much more capable person after they joined us and many of them had been teachers for long. We already have 15 branches in Tehran and will soon expand nationwide. We are in collaboration with the London based International York press and hold training and workshops by the best trainers in the country and abroad. The security offered by Afaq is unique and un matched by any other language school or institute in the country. So don’t hesitate to join us as a teacher if you’re seeking a bright career ahead of you.
در صورتی که قبلاً ثبت نام نموده اید می توانید از این لینک وارد شویدورود
مشخصات فردی
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3- کد ملی:   4- تاریخ تولد:
5- محل تولد:   6- شماره شناسنامه:
7- نام پدر:   8- جنسیت:    
9- وضعیت تأهل:    
استان :            شهرستان :    
10- کشور:   11- شهر:
12- آدرس پستی:
13- شماره تلفن ثابت:
  14- شماره موبایل:
15- آدرس ایمیل:     16- کد پستی:
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